_______________________________________________________________ Restoration:

We can deal with a partial or complete restoration of your classic motorcycle, anything from the dismantling of the bike until the moment there’s a newborn and shining machine - of course depending on how much the owner wants to spend and the level of finish he desires. More...

_______________________________________________________________ Mechanics:

We can provide our knowledge and experience, for the mechanical part of your restoration. This can be tuning, repairing or overhauling an engine, clutch, gearbox etc, whether it is a Kawasaki 3 cyl. (which is our speciality), a 6 cyl., two or four-stroke, Rotary, Japanese or Italian - everything is possible! More...

________________________________________________________________ Blasting:

For removing old paint and corrosion of frame and engine components, we have several ways of surface treatment by blasting, depending on which parts you supply and the finish you desire. More...

________________________________________________________________ Cleaning

Parts can be cleaned in several ways:
Ultrasonic, parts washer, washing machine and a high pressure cleaner. More...

________________________________________________________________ Painting

This is a very important part when you are restoring a bike, tractor etc. Not only should it protect your finished pride and joy from the elements but it also gives the first impression when you come across a freshly restored classic. More...

________________________________________________________________ Polishing

Polishing Alu-parts is very time consuming, but also a very rewarding job, because it is also a very eye catching part of your restoration. More...

For sale:
Kawasaki MachIV
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Type: MachIV
Year: 1974
Price: +/- € 17.500
Case L
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Type: L
Year: 1934
Milage: -
Price: € 7500